There are several certified nursing assistants (CNA) working in various industries such as nursing care facilities, general medical hospitals and assisted living facilities – just to name a few. Although there are nurses working in the medical field as well, the constant presence of CNA’s means that they play an integral part in the success of conducting medical procedures. Plus, the rising demand of health care services in America means there’s also an increasing need for CAN’s.

That being said, here are some facts that break down the importance of CNA’s in America:

They lift a huge weight off nurses’ shoulders

A nurse has a lot of things on their mind and plenty of patients to attend to. Having a CNA around allows nurses to work more efficiently by allowing simple tasks such as taking and recording vital signs to be handled by a CNA. This leaves them with more time to attend to whatever need their patients might require.

They can assist with medical procedures and help set up medical equipment

There are some tasks like drawing blood from a patient that can be assigned to a CNA, as long as they’ve had the proper training. In fact, there are some states that allow this.

When it comes to setting up medical equipment, CNA’s may be tasked to arrange tools in preparation for a patient exam. Another thing they may be asked to do is move different equipment from one room to the next.

They help cater to the basic needs of patients

There are different kinds of patients who need help for every medical facility. It could be a stroke victim in a hospital, an elderly in a nursing home, or someone recovering from an accident. What’s common among these people is that they need help in doing things they cannot do. That being said, CNA’s help them take a bath, put on clothes and even get feed them food.

Although these may seem mundane to some, the above functions and responsibilities of Certified Nursing Assistants show that they are very important in various medical fields in America and the world.